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The face behind the pots

Hi all, I'm Corine. The face behind the pots here at Ping Ceramics. Welcome to my clay journey!

Although I have been dreaming about making pottery for forever, my clay journey didn't start all that long ago. In September of 2022, a friend of mine took me to a handbuilding workshop and that was it for me. I've been hooked on anything clay related ever since. 

Now, almost a year later, here we are. I've been on a self-learning, hyperfixated journey through pottery land and I'm so so thankful that my friend took me to that workshop that set this all into motion. 

Right now, I'm exploring new techniques and materials to find my own style. 

Oh, I'll announce shopupdates both here and on my instagram @ping.ceramics so keep an eye on that If you are interested in buying my pieces. Shopupdates will most likely be fairly small at first since I'm also still working at my 9 to 5 job. 

Thank you for tagging along on this crazy journey!

My maker's mark
Corine behind the pottery wheel

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